Top 20 High PR Audio Sharing Sites List 2019

Audio Submission is one of the most powerful techniques of off page SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and link building. It is a new technique. Audio submission is also called an audio sharing. Audio is the format of the file that is in the form of sound. There are many formats of audio such as MP3, AAC, etc. but.MP3 format is common.

Use of Audio Sharing Technique to promote business:
  • To gain high quality & strong links (or backlinks) for your website.
  • To get more visitors to your business site.
  • Achieve high rankings of keywords in Search Engines.
  • To tell people about your business in the form of audio & audio is the best source after video to attract visitors.
  • To make the authority of business site i.e. high PR, PA, DA & Alexa Rank.
Audio submission or sharing is the way to promote your business to the audience. The use of this technique is to do aware people about your business via audio because audio is the most attractive format after image & video that people attract. 
Download List From Here:  Audio Sharing.xlsx - 10 KB
List of top 20 audio file sharing websites:

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